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What is mEye?

mEye™ is a security monitoring solution that enables you to view your cameras either locally or remotely via Internet PC or mobile phones. With mEye™, you can have peace of mind knowing what is happening when you are not around!

The mEye™ software runs on your computer and enables you to set up mobile access to your own CCD cameras/webcams.

You will also be able to share your cameras with anyone by adding them as your buddies. mEye™ supports all Maxis, Digi or Celcom subscribers.

Features include:

  • Request image/video.
  • Schedule image/video.
  • Motion detection alerts (sms/wap push (still image/video clip)
  • View image/video on web or mobile phone.
  • Share cameras with buddies.

mEye™ allows you to install multiple cameras at geographically different locations enabling you to view them via mobile phone, PC or laptop remotely.